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Keith Sonnier


Keith Sonnier

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the deer hunter

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Today’s new plush at the Pokemon Center - a mix of Pokemon Center exclusive plush and Pokedolls.

I braved the snow storm in Tokyo to get my Espurr plush, and it was worth it! He is tiny, adorable, and perfect. In a slightly creepy way. A noteworthy shout-out to how perfect the Helioptile and Dedenne pokedolls are as well.

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Lead Us - Serigrafía (80 x 60 cm.)  *Buy Here*

Come around here looking for an army? Mm, mm, mm ain’t that just something fine. 

Come around here looking for an army? Mm, mm, mm ain’t that just something fine. 

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Stop Biting, DJ AC Lewis & Dancers

Tuesday - January 14th, 2014 | Location: Seattle, WA

I decided to head through to 'Stop Biting Tuesday @ Lofi Lounge' and snap some flics of the dancers in the backroom aka the ‘BREAK’ room.

'Stop Biting' is a weekly Tuesday night and has a wide range of dynamic music and performances in the Front Lounge along with downtempo, future-beat, and whatever else in the 60 - 95+ bpm range. DJ Introcut is typically always holding it down along with DJ Absolute Madman and/or WD4D along with other guest DJ's and also includes special performances, shows and Producer showcases.

The Back ‘BREAK’ room is typically my DJing domain along with AC Lewis, Ear Dr. Umz, Sean Cee and a rotation of the front room crew as well as guest DJ’s time to time. Always a fresh spot to come and dance, cypher with the breakers, or just watch the dancers flex their skills from the larger Seattle crews and independent breakers to newcomers. It’s a family affair.

Cam: Canon 5D MKIII Lens: Canon 28-70mm L-series.

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Geographical and astronomical illustrations from the mid-1800s

by John Philipps Emslie

(several via the Wellcome Collection)

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